About Lago Calima

Lago Calima is located in the municipality of Darien, Valle del Cauca.  It is one the largest artificial lakes in Colombia and has become a major tourist site of the country.  With its strong and steady winds of up to 35 knots, Lake Calima is ideal for water sports like windsurfing and kiteboarding.

Each morning as the sun rises above the lake, the beauty of the surrounding mountains and countryside are reflected on the lake's mirror-like surface.  By early afternoon, the morning breeze becomes a strong wind and the lake is transformed into a kiteboarding dream.

There are restaurants for every taste from steak houses to Italian cuisine, local and international dishes.  Fresh baked bread and pastries are available at the numerous bakery shops in town.

For those with a more adventurous flare, the open air markets offer fresh produce and meats for cooking your own gourmet meals in your fully applianced in suite kitchen.  The local "super markets" carry many of the products you are familiar with in the U.S.